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General questions regarding Logic Pro X
Hi Eric -

Thanks for the very clear instructions on your blog, they're really helpful.

I'm still having problems, due, I'm sure, to an error on my part, but I don't know enough about what I'm doing to figure it out.

I followed your step-by-step to create the symlink, which shows up in the top level of my Home directory, not in Application Support. If I move the symlink to the Application Support folder, and double-click on the symlink, it gives this message:

"The operation can't be completed because the original item for "Logic" can't be found."

And if I open Logic, it starts to download the basic package again.

Any thoughts?



EDIT: One thing that I'm uncertain about is this - if I drag the Application Support folder to the Terminal after dragging the Logic folder on the external drive into terminal, there's a space between "Logic" (the name of the folder on the external drive) and /Library/Application Support/. If I press enter, I get a "permission denied" message. If I delete the space, I get the symlink as described above, in the top level of my home folder, and it doesn't work.
Hi Myles.

The space is crucial as it defines the end of the target and the beginning of the destination.
Try writing sudo ln -s and drag and drop the folders again.

I'm not really sure why you are getting a symlink at the top level of your home folder.
What is the name of the external drive and folder where you want the content downloaded to?
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